Career and Self-Employment Advice From Around the Web

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Career and Self-Employment Advice From Around the Web

A few of our favorite personal finance bloggers talk about about finding employment, boosting your career and starting your own business.

The employment outlook right now isn't particularly rosy. Kiplinger's expects job growth to remain lackluster the rest of this year and next year. So I gathered advice from around the Web this week to help job hunters improve their chances of getting hired and workers improve their status in the office. I also found several blog posts on self-employment and starting a business. So if you're looking for career-related tips, check out what personal finance bloggers are saying:

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5 Keys to Full-Time Employment for Young People [Consumerism Commentary]
"Here are a few tips for those in college to get the few jobs that may be available."

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Boost Your Career: How to Be Happier and More Likeable at Work [Wise Bread]
"The best coworkers look for ways to promote positive environments, get the most from their teams, mix a little fun with productivity, and remember the human side of business."

Could Tweeting About Your Job Get You in Trouble? [Financial Highway]
"Even if you are posting on personal social media outlets, the reality is that many employers see you as a representative of their brand, even if you are technically 'off duty.'"


Why Work Harder When You’ll Get a Bonus Anyway? [MoneyNing]
"In a traditional business setting, top performers can feel unappreciated when they see their less-awesome counterparts rewarded just as well."

Do You Have to Quit Your Day Job to Be Happy? [Bargaineering]
"For many, the benefits of a day job outweigh the risks associated with quitting to become self-employed."

How to Start a Business from Home [Credit Donkey]
"If you do decide to take the plunge and start a business, knowing what you’re getting into, planning ahead, and not overextending your resources will improve your chances of success while minimizing your financial risk."

Starting Over Fresh as a Business Owner in Your Later Years [Generation X Finance]
"Starting a business in your older years will give you the chance to try out your own ideas and your new company will benefit from your experience."


Working From Home: How Do You Find Clients? [Man Vs. Debt]
"Resist the 'throw spaghetti at the wall' approach. Do one new thing, and do it well – whether that’s canvassing your neighborhood and introducing yourself, emailing people you’d like to work with and offering to help them for a short amount of time at no charge, selling at a different location or something completely different."