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Career Advice From Around the Web

A weekly look at personal finance tips and insights others are offering.

I found lots of advice from around the Web this week to help job hunters improve their chances of getting hired and workers improve their status in the office. So if you're looking for career-related tips, check out what personal finance bloggers are saying:

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7 Common Job Interview Mistakes to Avoid & How to Handle Them [Money Crashers]
"Make sure you know what you should be doing – but don’t forget to remind yourself of what not to do."

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8 Reasons Hiring Managers Haven't Called Back [Savvy Sugar]
"Usually an employer hasn't called back due to one of these eight reasons."


Get a Raise by Changing the Way You Sit [MoneyNing]
"You may think you’re sitting at your desk normally, you may actually be broadcasting messages of weakness and ineffectiveness, which are two traits that bosses don’t want or need on their team."

How to Know When to Quit Your Job [ReadyForZero]
"Here are 5 signs that you should consider quitting (and finding a new opportunity)."

The Wrong Reason to Become an Entrepreneur [Consumerism Commentary]
"Starting your own business won’t necessarily help you excel if you are unsuccessful in a corporate setting."

Stay-At-Home Parent? These Jobs Could Be For You [Main Street]
"Thanks to improved technologies and employers’ more relaxed attitudes about telecommuting, working at home in a rewarding career and being there for your kids is not only possible — it’s highly doable."

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