Work-From-Home Advice From Around the Web

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Work-From-Home Advice From Around the Web

A look at what others are saying about the pros and cons of working from home and the state of parental leave in the U.S.

I consider myself lucky because I get to write this column every day from home. Being able to work remotely has allowed me to continue contributing to Kiplinger's since I left Washington, D.C., where its office is located, in 2003 to move to Kentucky for my husband's job. So I have a pretty good idea how Yahoo employees who work remotely must be feeling now that they've been told they will no longer be able to work from home.

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The company has come under fire since an e-mail telling all employees they would have to work in the office was leaked to the technology blog All Things D. And the move by Yahoo has sparked a debate about the pros and cons of working from home. Furthermore, the fact that Yahoo's CEO Marissa Mayer only took two weeks of maternity leave after having her first child has prompted a lot of talk about the state of parental leave in the U.S. and work/life balance. Here's how several personal finance bloggers are responding to these topics. What do you think about Yahoo's decision to no longer allow employees to work from home? Share your comments below, along with your opinion about leave policies (or the lack thereof) for new parents.

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Working From Home: A Benefit or a Distraction? [Consumerism Commentary]
"Workers often report fewer distractions and more time spent working when they are in an environment outside of the office. That leads to higher productivity, and higher productivity is good for the company."


How Employers Take Advantage Of Employees To Save Money [Financial Samurai]
"Some might view this new Yahoo policy as harsh, but I view it as a brilliant way to get underperforming employees to quit without severance."

7 Companies That Let You Work From Home [Savvy Sugar]
"If you're one of the hundreds of disgruntled Yahoo workers that now have to show up at the office full-time after the company's new edict to cease work-from-home arrangements come June, you might be looking for a new job. Here are some firms that would give you the option of telecommuting."

How to Balance Your Work-at-Home Life with Your 'Real' Life [The Centsible Life]
"Being organized, setting goals, and knowing when to say 'No' can help you do a better job of achieving this dual-life balance."

Parent Leave: What Does Your Employer Offer? [Bucks]
"It’s an astonishing fact, but the United States is the only country with an advanced economy that does not provide some sort of paid leave for new mothers."

The Costs and Savings of Having a Stay-at-Home Parent [Get Rich Slowly]
"I can’t deny that I often wish we had another full-time salary to provide more of a cushion, but every time I look at my son, I know I can do without it for now."

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