More Choices for Solo Workers


Co-Working Spaces Give Solo Workers More Choices

Unlimited monthly access usually ranges from about $300 to $500 and includes a slew of amenities.

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As more people go into business for themselves or take on side gigs to generate extra income, co-working spaces are expanding their services to appeal to workers in all stages of their careers.

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Workers typically pay a monthly membership fee to use shared office space, as well as get access to meeting rooms, Wi-Fi, coffee and other amenities. Unlimited monthly access usually ranges from about $300 for an unassigned "hot desk" to about $500 for an assigned desk. Many co-working spaces are targeting specific groups of people, such as parents, veterans or women. They're also adding everything from child care to dry cleaning and ramping up their calendar of networking and social events.

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Big names such as Industrious and WeWork dominate the industry, but smaller, local options are popping up outside of business locales, from residential neighborhoods in the city to suburban spots.

To find a co-working space that fits your needs, you may want to try a few on for size. Most co-working spaces offer a free workday. Or try Deskpass, which sells flexible memberships, starting at $49 a month for four visits (after a $25 introductory month), that allow users in six cities to use any of the 175 work spaces in its network.