How to Make Extra Money Blogging


How to Make Extra Money Blogging

You won’t get rich as a blogger, but even a part-timer can make $100 a month or more. More visitors mean more cash.

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Start by picking a topic you’re passionate about -- the more specific, the better (for example, “fly fishing in Montana” instead of “fly fishing”). Sign up for a blog template, such as Wordpress, Blogger or Tumblr, and start posting regularly. Schedule a week’s worth of posts on a free day if you don’t have time to write every day. Above all, be original, says Jessica Quirk, blogger at “You really have no hook without original content,” she says.

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Use social media to attract a community and keep them engaged. As your audience grows, post advertising. Google’s Adsense, a free program that lets you embed ads on your site, gives you a cut of the profits. Track your traffic and increase the type of posts that reel in the most visits, comments or re-posts. For tips, search your blog template’s Web site for free tutorials and forums.