Map: Where 12 S&P 500 Companies Are Hiring


Map: Where 12 S&P 500 Companies Are Hiring

Where are large, thriving companies hiring? California, New York and D.C. look like good bets.

Finding a good job in a bad economy is anything but easy. Fortunately, a number of large companies are still hiring – and for highly skilled, well-paid jobs with salaries in the high five and six figures.

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For our slideshow 12 S&P 500 Companies Hiring Now, we asked the folks at, a job-posting aggregator, to compile a list of employers with the most openings that pay estimated annual salaries of $50,000 or more. We then cross-referenced those names against Standard & Poor’s 500 index, which ranks companies by stock market capitalization. The result: A list of 12 large, thriving companies that are adding thousands of jobs right now.

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As any job-seeker knows, however, where you work is almost as important as what you do and how much you make. So after making our list of 12 companies, we also asked to tell us where those companies are hiring for 20 positions or more, and we plotted them all on the map below.


Clicking a dot brings up the name of the company and the number of positions. Zooming in and out will reveal more dots, especially in crowded areas. Check it out – maybe your next job lies in one of these cities.