Be Smart with Social Media at Work


Be Smart with Social Media at Work

You’ve got to be careful with what you post online. That goes double when the workplace is involved.

Posting on social media always requires caution. When it involves your workplace, even more so.

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Rule number one: No matter how strict you are about privacy settings, anything you share on social media can be passed on verbally, or captured in a screenshot.

Frustrating day at work? Think twice (or more) about posting about it online. Even if you leave out the names, people know where you work—or the people you work with. But, even if word never gets back to the office, you risk being seen as negative, or griping.

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Also, if you’re tempted to share photos from, say, an office party, ask permission before tagging anyone in group photos.


Managing online relationships with coworkers can be tricky, too. Say your boss asks to friend you on Facebook. Don’t feel you have to accept, but consider an alternative, such as connecting on LinkedIn.

And on LinkedIn, tread carefully when using it to network. If you reach out to strangers, make sure to explain why you’re seeking to connect. You don't want to have them select “I don’t know this person” after rejecting your request. That could raise a red flag with LinkedIn.

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