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10 Best Cities for Early Retirement

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Early retirement is a dream for many, but the reality poses unique challenges. Foremost, because you'll enter retirement at a younger age, your nest egg will need to stretch further. Saving more will help, but many early retirees will be inclined to supplement savings with a paycheck from a part-time job or an encore career. In fact, 21% of nonretired Americans polled by Gallup expect part-time work to be a major source of retirement income.

With this in mind, we asked data aggregator FindTheBest to help us identify economically healthy cities where early retirees should be able to work (if they choose) and prosper during their second acts. We took into account unemployment rates, household incomes and living costs, especially for housing and health care. We also screened the states for tax-friendliness based on our Retiree Tax Map. While you might not qualify for all of these tax breaks immediately, they’ll come in handy as you age in place. Finally, we sought out cities with low crime and high concentrations of residents ages 45 to 64, so you can safely enjoy your early retirement with peers.

Take a look at our ten best cities for early retirement.

City populations, population breakdowns by age, median household incomes and unemployment rates are from the U.S. Census Bureau. Cost-of-living figures are from the Economic Policy Institute. Crime rates are from the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Tax information is drawn from Kiplinger's Retiree Tax Map, which is based on information from state tax departments, CCH and the Tax Foundation.

10 Best Cities for Early Retirement



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