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23 Stock Picks for 2013

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Despite a rally that has seen the market more than double from its bear-market low in 2009, stocks still represent good value. Stocks in most major sectors are trading below their long-term average price-earnings ratios. At the same time, companies are sporting profit margins and cash levels above their historical norms. Cash-rich companies that can manufacture growth in a tepid economy will deliver the goods to shareholders.

Here are 23 stock picks for you to consider in 2013, culled from Kiplinger's investing editors and columnists James K. Glassman and Andrew Feinberg. (Analyst estimates are provided by Thomson Reuters)

James K. Glassman is executive director of the George W. Bush Institute and the author of The 4% Solution, a book on the economy. He owns none of the stocks mentioned as his picks.

Andrew Feinberg manages New York-based hedge fund CJA Partners.

23 Stock Picks for 2013

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