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10 Stocks That Refuse to Die


Mr. Market often takes investors for a wild ride that instills them with fear and drives them away from stocks. But giving in to your market-phobia means missing out on big wins and losing out to future inflation.

Instead, add a more-reliable brand of stock to your portfolio. Here are ten low-volatility stocks that will deliver consistent returns over the long haul without all the drama. They all have betas of less than 1, which suggests that their moves are less than the market's (beta is a measure of volatility compared with a particular market, in this case the U.S. stock market, as measured by Standard & Poor’s 500-stock index).

On top of having low volatility, the companies tend to pay generous dividends and increase them regularly. They usually boast pristine balance sheets, with loads of cash and little debt. Plus they are industry leaders and have been around for a long time, so you’ll no doubt find their products and services familiar. Take a look:

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