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Best T. Rowe Price Funds for Your Retirement Savings


T. Rowe Price isn’t as big a player in the retirement-plan world as Fidelity and Vanguard. Only 13 of its funds rank among the top 101 mutual funds in 401(k) plans, well behind Fidelity’s 22 and Vanguard’s 31. But most of Price’s popular 401(k) funds are winners, and none is a clunker.

Here, in our series on the best mutual funds for your 401(k), we take a closer look at T. Rowe's most popular funds for retirement savings, and rate them as “buy,” “hold” or “sell.” Six of the 13 funds are target-date funds in the T. Rowe Price Retirement fund suite. For simplicity’s sake, we lumped all of the target-date funds together and evaluated them as a group at the end.

Although your plan may offer these funds’ institutional share class, all data, including symbols, listed refer to the share class of each portfolio that’s most accessible to the average investor (with one exception). Funds are listed in order of their retirement-plan assets, starting with the fund with the most assets, based on data from BrightScope, a consulting firm that rates and ranks retirement plans. Note that the assets figure we include for each fund represents total assets, not just retirement-plan assets. All returns are as of Sept. 3.

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