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10 Best Values in Private Colleges Under $20K, 2014

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When it comes to college costs, the price tag often has little resemblance to what students actually pay. The net price -- the annual cost in tuition, fees, room, board and books after need and merit-based aid -- at private institutions is typically about half the sticker price.

These ten schools from our annual rankings of the best private college values do better than typical. Although the majority of them have high sticker prices (at three schools, the sticker price approaches $60,000), each has a net price of less than $17,000 for most students after need-based aid is figured in. Students who borrow from these schools walk away with less -- often much less -- than the average student debt of about $27,000.

As you click through the slides, expect to see a diverse group of schools from around the country. Six are liberal arts colleges, and four are private universities. Enrollments are as small as 400 and as large as 30,000. Three of them are among the top five in overall our rankings for private universities and liberal arts colleges.

10 Best Values in Private Colleges Under $20K, 2014



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