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15 Most Fuel-Efficient Cars, 2013

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"Green" is still a red-hot buzzword in the auto industry, with carmakers competing to showcase their commitment to fuel economy. It's not entirely altruistic; carmakers have to meet tougher fuel-economy standards between now and 2025. Each vehicle we spotlight is the least thirsty in its price category based on annual fuel cost. Most of the winners sport an alternative powertrain -- either gas-electric hybrid or all electric.

The annual fuel cost assumes 15,000 miles of combined city and highway driving each year and fuel prices of $3.70 a gallon for regular, $4 for premium and $4.15 for diesel. To be eligible, each most-fuel-efficient model must have been designated as a top 25 pick in its category, and no vehicle can win the award if another trim level of that model has won in a lower-price category.

15 Most Fuel-Efficient Cars, 2013



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