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The 10 Cheapest Cars to Own

The price you negotiate for a car and the interest you pay on the car loan are only part of the cost equation. Insurance, depreciation, taxes and fees, what you pay over the years for fuel, service and repairs, and even the opportunity cost of the money you lay out as a down payment (what you’d make if you invested the money elsewhere) are all important ingredients in the cost of ownership.

All the vehicles on the list are small -- either compacts or subcompacts -- because they tend to have the lowest market price, the best fuel economy, and reasonable insurance rates -- since premiums tend to rise with horsepower.

Note that with the lower-price class, you may also have to pay extra for automatic transmission, air conditioning and sometimes even a radio—not to mention such safety features as anti-lock brakes. Most are equipped with six standard airbags but only half have standard stability control. (The market price is the average transaction cost and reflects rebates; all vehicles have manual transmissions, unless otherwise noted.)
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