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Gas Prices Around the World

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By Susannah Snider
March 2011

The average U.S. gas price has skyrocketed to $3.61, according to AAA. But Americans cough up only about half of the amount drivers pay per gallon in Europe, where steep fuel taxes fund public transit systems, among other projects. On the other extreme, oil-rich countries, such as Saudi Arabia, Iran and Venezuela, keep fuel dirt-cheap with generous subsidies.
Keep in mind that, with our suburbs, strip malls and gas guzzlers, Americans feel the pain at the pump more acutely than others. Here’s a look at the average gas prices in early March for 11 countries around the world, collected by the German Agency for International Cooperation.

Data come from German Agency for International Cooperation March 2011 Survey; Lundberg Survey/Energy Détente from March 2011:U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA); AAA; Mercer

Gas Prices Around the World

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