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10 of the Worst Jobs for the Future

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Although the nation's employment rate is slowly improving, certain occupations are still suffering — and will continue to suffer for the remainder of the decade and beyond. Here you'll find ten job fields that are projected to lose large numbers of positions at rapid rates through 2020. Pay prospects are also subpar. To lend a hand to at-risk workers in these fields, we've also identified viable career alternatives.

We looked at employment projections from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics to pinpoint the occupations that are expected to see some of the largest job losses at the fastest rates. BLS also supplied data on changes in median incomes. Salaries are for workers in the 25th to 75th percentiles, a range we chose to weed out the highest and lowest earners. We selected fields regardless of education requirements, which, as you’ll see, exposed the vulnerability of several blue-collar professions.

Some of the jobs on our worst list might come as a surprise. Others reflect recognizable trends including advances in automated technologies, shifts to online services and overseas outsourcing. Take a look.

10 of the Worst Jobs for the Future

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