Kimberly Lankford

Ask Kim

Kim Lankford answers your questions about managing money -- specifically, insurance and taxes -- twice a week. See All

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Cut Your Homeowners Insurance Premiums With 1 Simple Step

A higher deductible can reduce your rates by as much as 39%.

Meilan Solly

Kip Tips

A daily dose of actionable insights, culled from the latest Kiplinger content and from across the web, to help you make and save more money. See All

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Little-Known Ways to Save Hundreds Year-Round With Your Student ID

By showing your ID or providing a university e-mail address, you can find discounts on everything from laptops to museum tickets.

Daren Fonda

Stock Watch

The Kiplinger investing team identifies stocks and market trends that you and your portfolio can't ignore. See All

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Why the Bull Market Will Keep Going

Though risks are high, expect modest gains for the remainder of the year.

Nellie S. Huang

Fund Watch

The Kiplinger investing team tracks the latest news and trends in mutual fund investing. See All

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The Hidden Dangers of Index Funds

There are plenty of good reasons for owning passively managed funds. But that doesn’t mean index funds are flawless -- or harmless.

Steven Goldberg

Value Added

Steve Goldberg delivers must-read investing insights. See All

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How Donald Trump Invests

The Republican presidential candidate’s campaign filings show he loves junk bonds, shuns overseas investments and sure likes to dabble.

The Kiplinger Washington Editors

Tax Tips

Our experts will count down moves to make to lower your tax bill. See All

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The Tax Consequences of Moving Abroad

If you're thinking about moving overseas after the 2016 presidential election, know that the U.S. will continue to tax you.

Jane Bennett Clark

Rethinking Retirement

Kiplinger's retirement experts help you navigate major issues affecting how to plan for retirement. See All

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Do You Still Need an Emergency Fund as You Get Older?

Most people approaching retirement have a number of resources to tap if they need money.

Knight Kiplinger

Money & Ethics

Knight Kiplinger delivers definitive answers to ethical challenges involving money at home and in the office. See All

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Should Restaurants Raise Prices and Eliminate Tips?

Saying goodbye to tipping would address fairness and income reporting concerns.

Janet Bodnar

Money Smart Kids

Editor Janet Bodnar tackles tricky money-management topics for parents and their children. See All

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The Tooth Fairy Is Leaving Less Under Pillows These Days

The average amount that the Tooth Fairy gives kids is down 10% from last year.

David Muhlbaum

Drive Time

Insights and tactics for scoring deals on wheels - whether buying or selling, new or used. See All

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How to Make Your Older Car Smarter, Safer

A lot of today's automotive gee-whiz can be adapted to yesterday's wheels.

Jeffrey R. Kosnett

Income Investing

Jeff Kosnett reports on the fixed-income side of investing. See All

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Why Interest Rates Will Stay Low

Negative interest rates in Europe and Japan make U.S. bond yields look sky-high by comparison, boosting demand for Treasuries.

David Morris

Washington Matters

Keen analysis and fresh reporting on the latest political developments affecting your business – from the editors of the Kiplinger letters. See All

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Bumpy Road Ahead in 2016 Presidential Race

Trump will get a bounce after the Republican convention, but Clinton is poised to regain ground.

David Payne

Practical Economics

The Kiplinger Letter’s economics team helps you make sense of the latest economic data and trends. See All

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Help Wanted in America: Skilled Workers

In an ever-more-competitive job market, technology increases the need for skilled workers.

Knight Kiplinger

My Point of View

Tap into the mind of Kiplinger editor-in-chief Knight Kiplinger. See All

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R.I.P.: A Good Journalist, Good Boss, Good Father

Journalist and philanthropist Austin H. Kiplinger led the Kiplinger Washington Editors for decades.

Anne Kates Smith

Your Mind, Your Money

Discover how investor psychology and behavioral finance affect your portfolio and your bottom line. See All

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The Keys to Raising Financially Independent Young Adults

Parents often believe the most recent request for money will be the last, the one that finally launches Junior on the path to success.

Jeremy J. Siegel

Going Long

Jeremy Siegel writes about investing for the long run. See All

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Why Investors Shouldn't Be Afraid of Inflation

An inflation rate of 2% to 3% is good for stocks because it gives companies the power to raise prices, which helps boost profits.

Kathy Kristof

Practical Investing

Follow columnist Kathy Kristof as she shares lessons from her real-life investment portfolio. See All

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AV Homes: A Cheap Stock With Rich Potential

This small homebuilder's first-quarter results were impressive, with big gains in number of dwellings sold and other key measures.

John M. Goralka

Building Wealth

Experienced financial planners share fresh insights and best practices for working with clients to build and protect wealth. See All

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6 Estate Planning Tips for Those Approaching Death

Consider taking some last-minute action to save your beneficiaries from having to deal with extra costs.