Kimberly Lankford

Ask Kim

Kim Lankford answers your questions about managing money -- specifically, insurance and taxes -- twice a week.

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How to Avoid the Medicare Surcharge

If your income is too high, you could pay a lot more for your monthly Part B premiums. But you may be able to get the surcharge reduced.

Rebecca Dolan

Starting Out

Real-world advice for those starting their financial lives.

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5 Smart Questions Young Adults Are Asking to Super-Charge Their Retirement Savings

Learn from the money-management questions asked by young adults and answered by professional financial planners in our latest Jump-Start Your Retirement Plan online chat.

Cameron Huddleston

Kip Tips

A daily dose of actionable insights, culled from the latest Kiplinger content and from across the web, to help you make and save more money.

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Best Doorbuster Deals for Thanksgiving Day

You'll find deep discounts on TVs, tablets, laptops, smart phones and more the day before Black Friday.

Anne Kates Smith

Stock Watch

The Kiplinger investing team identifies stocks and market trends that you and your portfolio can't ignore.

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13 Stocks That Benefit From Lower Oil Prices

The bargains aren’t just at the gas pump. These stocks will prosper as energy prices fall.

Eleanor Laise

Fund Watch

The Kiplinger investing team tracks the latest news and trends in mutual fund investing.

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Boost Returns With Bond Index Funds

Index funds' low fees take a smaller bite out of meager yields.

Steven Goldberg

Value Added

Steve Goldberg delivers must-read investing insights every Tuesday.

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The Four Best Investment Newsletters for Funds

All of my favorites have delivered superior risk-adjusted returns over the long haul.

Sandra Block

Tax Tips

Our experts will count down moves to make to lower your tax bill.

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Smart Year-End Moves to Trim Your 2014 Tax Bill

If you act before New Year’s Day, you can limit what you owe the IRS.

Jane Bennett Clark

Rethinking Retirement

Kiplinger's retirement experts help you navigate major issues affecting how to plan for retirement.

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Beware Financial Sales Pitches That Come With a Free Meal

The presenter mentioned that he sells annuities. He encouraged us to make an appointment for a free one-on-one consultation.

Knight Kiplinger

Money & Ethics

Knight Kiplinger delivers definitive answers to ethical challenges involving money at home and in the office.

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Is Cash an Appropriate Wedding Gift?

If you're put off by a couple requesting money instead of traditional gifts, consider an alternative with which you'd be more comfortable.

Janet Bodnar

Money Smart Kids

Editor Janet Bodnar tackles tricky money-management topics for parents and their children.

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The Right Way to Help Your Adult Children

To help your millennial move on (and out of your home), set limits, be generous with advice but selective with financial assistance.

Jessica L. Anderson

Drive Time

Jessica Anderson steers you toward good deals on wheels.

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Expect Deals on New 2015 Car Models

You'll find the biggest bargains on cars that buyers are steering clear of. That includes compact and midsize sedans.

Jeffrey R. Kosnett

Income Investing

Jeff Kosnett reports on the fixed-income side of investing.

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4 Ways the Strong U.S. Dollar Helps Investors

It's crazy to buy European bonds when the euro is losing value and you can get at least a percentage point more yield from Uncle Sam.

David Morris

Washington Matters

Keen analysis and fresh reporting on the latest political developments affecting your business – from the editors of the Kiplinger letters.

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7 Top Challenges Facing the New Republican Majority

Winning was easy. Now Mitch McConnell and the GOP have to figure out whether to work around or with President Obama.

David Payne

Practical Economics

The Kiplinger Letter’s economics team helps you make sense of the latest economic data and trends.

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Housing Market Will Improve in 2015

The lagging sector is new single family homes, where a shortage of skilled labor and buildable lots is holding back construction.

James K. Glassman

Opening Shot

James Glassman writes monthly about economic and investing trends.

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How to Be a Better Investor

When I feel a passion to buy or sell a stock or fund, I question my impulse and test whether the opposite position isn't better.

Janet Bodnar

From the Editor

Straightshooting personal-finance guidance from editor Janet Bodnar.

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How We Picked the Best Online Brokers and the Rest of Our Annual Best List

The effort we put into our broker survey extends to picking all the winners across dozens of categories of personal-finance products and services.

Andrew Feinberg

Promised Land

Andrew Feinberg writes about the choices and challenges facing individual investors.

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Promising Bargains in Biotech Stocks

What I like about BioDelivery Sciences is not so much that there are many ways to win as that there are almost no ways to lose.

Knight Kiplinger

My Point of View

Tap into the mind of Kiplinger editor-in-chief Knight Kiplinger.

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A College Degree Isn’t Enough

An increasing number of employers have grown skeptical of traditional credentials.

Anne Kates Smith

Your Mind, Your Money

Discover how investor psychology and behavioral finance affect your portfolio and your bottom line.

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Mannequin Eye Contact and Other Ways Retailers Get You to Spend More

To protect your budget while shopping, be aware of the sneaky tricks that will trigger your urge to buy.

Jeremy J. Siegel

Going Long

Jeremy Siegel writes about investing for the long run.

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The Fed's Rate Forecast Is Too High

Powerful economic forces, such as sharply lower growth in the labor force, are pushing interest rates down.

Kathy Kristof

Practical Investing

Follow columnist Kathy Kristof as she shares lessons from her real-life investment portfolio.

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Venezuela's Woes Ground Shares of Copa Holdings

After this year's plunge, shares of the Panamanian airline appear cheap, trading for just 10 times estimated 2015 earnings.

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