Kimberly Lankford

Ask Kim

Kim Lankford answers your questions about managing money -- specifically, insurance and taxes -- twice a week.

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Rolling Over a Traditional IRA to a Health Savings Account

Here's how to make the switch without being penalized.

Stacy Rapacon

Starting Out

Real-world advice for those starting their financial lives.

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The Best Money Advice My Dad Ever Gave Me

Papa Rapacon has successfully retired by taking calculated risks and educating himself about finances.

Cameron Huddleston

Kip Tips

A daily dose of actionable insights, culled from the latest Kiplinger content and from across the web, to help you make and save more money.

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5 Surprising Ways Bad Credit Can Hurt You

A low credit score and poor credit history can do more than just affect your ability to get a loan.

Kaitlin Pitsker

Stock Watch

The Kiplinger investing team identifies stocks and market trends that you and your portfolio can't ignore.

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3 Winning Airline Stocks

With greater stability (and fewer carriers), the industry is generating huge profits. These companies should continue to soar.

Nellie S. Huang

Fund Watch

The Kiplinger investing team tracks the latest news and trends in mutual fund investing.

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FMI International Rides the Dollar's Strength

This overseas fund hedges its currency exposure to come out ahead when the greenback gains.

Steven Goldberg

Value Added

Steve Goldberg delivers must-read investing insights every Tuesday.

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When to Stick with a Mutual Fund and When to Sell

Patience for a struggling fund can pay off. Except when it doesn't. Here's help making this difficult call.

Kevin McCormally

Tax Tips

Our experts will count down moves to make to lower your tax bill.

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What Are the Odds the IRS Will Audit Your Tax Return? And What Should You Do If It Does?

Our in-depth look into how the IRS chooses its targets—and goes about its probes.

Jane Bennett Clark

Rethinking Retirement

Kiplinger's retirement experts help you navigate major issues affecting how to plan for retirement.

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Be Wary of "Senior" Experts

Impressive credentials following an adviser's name may represent not much more than attendance at a weekend seminar.

Knight Kiplinger

Money & Ethics

Knight Kiplinger delivers definitive answers to ethical challenges involving money at home and in the office.

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Is It Ethical to Go Without Auto Insurance?

Auto insurance is mandatory in almost all states, but an estimated one in seven U.S. drivers don't carry it.

Janet Bodnar

Money Smart Kids

Editor Janet Bodnar tackles tricky money-management topics for parents and their children.

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A License to Spoil the Grandkids

How can grandparents indulge our grandkids without going overboard?

Jessica L. Anderson

Drive Time

Jessica Anderson steers you toward good deals on wheels.

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The Woes of Extended Auto Warranties

Payouts over the life of an extended warranty typically fall short of the cost of the warranty.

Jeffrey R. Kosnett

Income Investing

Jeff Kosnett reports on the fixed-income side of investing.

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Why Fear Doesn’t Pay for Investors

Far more often than not, a fund fueled by fear takes you and your money down a dark path to nowhere.

Richard Sammon

Washington Matters

Keen analysis and fresh reporting on the latest political developments affecting your business – from the editors of the Kiplinger letters.

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Eased Relations With Cuba Will Help U.S. Businesses, Cigar Lovers

Some companies will benefit quickly from Obama’s actions, but ending the Kennedy-era embargo will take at least a decade.

David Payne

Practical Economics

The Kiplinger Letter\’s economics team helps you make sense of the latest economic data and trends.

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Look for the Economy to Heat Up

More jobs, higher incomes are poised to fuel growth.

James K. Glassman

Opening Shot

James Glassman writes monthly about economic and investing trends.

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Why I Love Investing in Cult Retailers

The best retailers can develop loyal followings, and those dedicated customers are willing to pay premium prices.

Janet Bodnar

From the Editor

Straightshooting personal-finance guidance from editor Janet Bodnar.

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The Right Mix of Mutual Funds for You

How should you combine index and active funds among your investments? We've got your answer, plus 25 top actively managed funds to pick from.

Andrew Feinberg

Promised Land

Andrew Feinberg writes about the choices and challenges facing individual investors.

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Profit from Following Activist Investors

When investors like Carl Icahn and Bill Ackman turn the heat on management, shareholders stand to benefit.

Knight Kiplinger

My Point of View

Tap into the mind of Kiplinger editor-in-chief Knight Kiplinger.

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A College Degree Isn’t Enough

An increasing number of employers have grown skeptical of traditional credentials.

Anne Kates Smith

Your Mind, Your Money

Discover how investor psychology and behavioral finance affect your portfolio and your bottom line.

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Investors, Stay Sane in a Crazy Market

Be sure to have a complete investing strategy, including your plan to sell, in place before any mayhem occurs.

Jeremy J. Siegel

Going Long

Jeremy Siegel writes about investing for the long run.

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Is Productivity Plunging?

New ways of producing goods and services may be causing the bean counters to underestimate productivity.

Kathy Kristof

Practical Investing

Follow columnist Kathy Kristof as she shares lessons from her real-life investment portfolio.

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The Power of Reinvested Dividends

Seagate's regular (and rising) payout provides this investor some comfort in an ever-changing market.

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