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Megan Clark, Investment Adviser Representative

Executive Vice President, Clark & Associates Inc. Financial Solutions

Phone: 703.796.0957

Megan Clark is executive vice president at Clark & Associates Inc. Financial Solutions and is an Investment Adviser Representative and Insurance Professional. As a financial adviser, she is passionate about helping families create a holistic financial plan, and she often holds "For Women By Women" informational seminars to reach out and help assist women in pursuing their goals. Clark is a graduate of the University of Virginia.

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Building Wealth
July 2017

Are You Investing Like It’s the 1950s?

Make sure your portfolio’s design is truly “modern,” because the stock market is a completely different world than it was in the ’50s, when the theory of diversification (which many advisers still follow) was developed.

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Building Wealth
February 2017

Are your savings just going to taxes?

Don’t give away more than you have to. Put tax-efficient investing strategies to work.

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