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Meg Bartelt, MSFP, CFP®

Flow Financial Planning, LLC

Meg Bartelt, CFP®, MSFP, is the President of Flow Financial Planning, LLC, a fee-only virtual firm that provides financial guidance to women in tech. She is a member of the XY Planning Network. Previously, she spent over a decade in software security.

Bartelt helps women take advantage of career opportunities, navigate a male-dominated industry and use their own financial potential in order to live the life they want. She lives in Bellingham, Washington, with her husband, two young daughters and Julia the Puppy.


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Building Wealth
February 2017

The Best Investment You Can Make Isn’t in Your 401(k)

Investing in yourself, through classes, career building, networking and just plain taking care of yourself, can pay off more in the long run than anything else.

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Building Wealth
January 2017

Simple Steps to Save on Investment Fees

Some of the costs associated with saving and investing are patently obvious, but there are others that can be quite well hidden.

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Building Wealth
December 2016

How to Negotiate to Get More Out of Your Career

Women especially need to be ready to ask for what they want on the job.

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Building Wealth
November 2016

Why the Investing Gender Gap Works for Women

The so-called weaknesses females have when it comes to investing might actually be strengths.

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Building Wealth
October 2016

How To Find a Financial Adviser You Can Trust

The financial industry is generally clouded by an atmosphere of distrust, but with the new fiduciary rule and doing your due diligence, you can find the right person for you.

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