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Casey B. Weade, CFP®

President, Howard Bailey Financial Inc.


Casey B. Weade, Certified Financial Planner™ (CFP®), RICP® and retirement planning professional, has been a sought-after speaker in northeastern Indiana on progressive personal finance and retirement planning strategies for nearly a decade. He is the president of Howard Bailey Financial, Inc™, in Fort Wayne, Ind., author of The Purpose Based Retirement™ book and host of The Purpose Based Retirement™ TV and radio shows.

Weade works to provide comprehensive financial planning strategies to pre-retired and retired individuals, helping them achieve total wealth optimization and reliable income sources in retirement. As a firm believer in establishing a clear purpose for an individual's future to maximize efficiency in his/her financial life, he acts as a financial coach by optimizing current financial situations and looking for the money that is falling through the cracks.

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Building Wealth
May 2017

Why Those Impressive Financial Credentials Aren't Always So Impressive

Financial advisers often come with a string of letters after their names, but while some should give you confidence in their training, others could just mean they attended a one-day seminar.

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February 2017

Pay Me Now: Pros and Cons of Adviser Compensation Models

There are three basic ways that financial advisers draw a paycheck. Which is the best option for you?

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Building Wealth
November 2016

Focus on a Purpose-Based Retirement Portfolio

You need different types of investments to address all the risks you face in retirement.

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July 2016

What to Do If You Receive A Pension Buyout Offer

Carefully consider the terms of the deal and your personal situation before you make this important retirement decision.

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