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Rivan V. Stinson

Kiplinger's Personal Finance

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Kip Tips
December 2016

Give the Gift of College

Instead of giving kids toys and video games, open a 529 college savings plan or student loan savings account for them and contribute to it.

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Starting Out
November 2016

How $5 and the Stash App Turned Me Into an Investor

Super-low minimums and smartphone accessibility make it easy for young investors to learn the ropes.

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Healthy Living on a Budget
October 2016

Gyms for Older Exercisers

Move on from the budget gyms, and step to a higher-level health club.

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Leisure Spending
October 2016

Rent Luxury Cars or Boats

Sample the high life with luxury cars or boats, or lend yours out for cash.

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May 2016

Beware Bogus Apartment Rental Ads

Too-good-to-be-true apartments offered on Craigslist may not exist.

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Family Finances
April 2017

Why Your Water Bill Is Going Up

Even though we’re using less water, the pipes need fixing, so utilities are charging more.

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