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The 2008 Best List

We at Kiplinger's pooled our collective expertise to select our annual awards. We've sought out the top values in all the fields we cover: mutual funds, retirement-planning tools and credit cards -- even the best places to shop for insurance or find the best travel deals.

Take a look at the Best for 2008:

The Best Financial Services
Our picks for excellence from savings and checking accounts to services that help with college bills.

The Best Retirement Tools
Whether you're just getting started saving or you're nearing your target, we name the best tools and give recommendations to help you reach your financial goals, now.


The Best Stocks & Mutual Funds
Our investigation of market buys for today and beyond includes a great fund for low minimum investments, the best stock to buyand hold for the long term and a top-notch online broker.

The Best Credit Cards
Choose the card that fits your spending style. If you charge everything but pay your monthly statement in full, see our pick for a rewards card. For those who carry a balance, we've found a low-rate deal.

The Best in Travel, Cars, Home and Fun
From cars to the best airfare deals to low-cost prescription drugs, take a look where we found good prices on living expenses.

The Best Tech
Innovation in technology continues to offer clever, cool, user-friendly gadgets that enhance our lives. See the shortlist of our favorites that stand out for value and quality.

The Best Web Sites
We share our favorite sources for stock-market commentary, insurance quotes, prescription-drug prices, travel deals and more.

BONUS: Experts' Picks From Investing to Entertaining
We asked top-notch analysts and fund managers for their best investing ideas for the new year -- and rolled in a few fun picks to live well, too.


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