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Is It Cheaper to Fly or Drive?

Kimberly Lankford

A new calculator makes it easy to figure out which mode of transportation is more affordable.

With gas prices so high, I’m trying to figure out whether it is cheaper to drive or fly on my next vacation. Any suggestions?

Yes, there is a new tool at that helps you figure out whether it’s more economical to fly or drive. The calculator asks you to supply details about both options -- including the model and year of your car, the cost of a hotel stay on the way (if needed) -- and can automatically estimate the cost of the flight, too.

The calculator also takes into account frequently overlooked costs, such as transportation to and from the airport, parking at the airport, any extra baggage fees, and even wear and tear on your car (but you’ll have to add in any rental car costs). You’ll immediately see the costs for both options and the total time it will take.

Regardless of whether you fly or drive, it's going to cost more to get to your destination this summer. But you can save on lodging, food and entertainment. To find out how, see What You Need to Know About Summer Travel.

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