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How to Move Your Mobile Phone to a New Plan

Lisa Gerstner

Here's what you need to do if you watch to switch carriers without buying a new phone.

The theory behind signing a contract with a wireless carrier is that you get a heavily discounted phone in exchange for a commitment to stay with the company for a couple of years, or pay a penalty if you want to jump ship. If you’d rather bring your own phone, make sure it’s compatible with your carrier’s network -- and don’t sign a contract for your new plan.

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Customers of AT&T and T-Mobile, which operate on GSM networks, can insert a SIM card from the carrier into an “unlocked” GSM phone. Neither company requires customers who bring phones to sign a contract. You can buy unlocked phones on Amazon and eBay, or at Best Buy. Google offers an unlocked Galaxy Nexus for $349.

It’s less straightforward with Sprint and Verizon Wireless. Typically, you’ll need to find a device branded by the carrier to use it on their CDMA network. Verizon offers a no-contract option to those who bring their own phone, but you may have to negotiate with a Sprint manager to go contract-free.

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