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Best and Worst Buys of December 2012

When making your holiday shopping list, look for these items to be on sale.

If you haven't bought holiday gifts for everyone on your list yet, you'll probably be doing some shopping this month. To keep spending under control, it can help to know what's on sale in December. So here's what you can expect to find marked down this month -- and what you should wait a little longer to buy, according to, which analyzes deals from past years to predict what will be discounted this year.

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What's on sale this month ...

Cookware. The cookware deals that were available in November should carry over into this month, according to So if you need to stock up on bakeware, cutlery sets or small appliances for the holiday cooking season, now is the time to buy.


Laptops. expects to see the great deals on budget 15-inch laptops, 16-inch Ivy Bridge laptops and 17-inch Celeron-based laptops that were available on Black Friday to continue into December. Best Buy, Dell and Lenovo have some of the best offers.

Name-brand HDTVs. You didn't miss all the deals if you avoided the stores on Black Friday. Retailers usually mark down name-brand HDTVs in December (just don't expect to find good deals on 3D TVs).

NFL gear. If your favorite team is out of the running for the Super Bowl, now is the time to stock up on its merchandise -- to show your support next year.

Tools. If Dad has a new tool set on his holiday wish list, now is a good time to buy. says that shoppers can expect to find significant discounts on wrench and screwdriver sets, drills, lawn-care tools and more. (The summer also is a good time to find deals on tools.)


Toys. Retailers typically mark toys down to their lowest prices of the season two weeks before Christmas. However, cautions not to wait until the last-minute to buy toys because stores tend to raise prices again because they know that shoppers are desperate to buy gifts to put under the tree Christmas day.

Wait a little longer to buy ...

Christmas decorations. Avoid the temptation to stock up on new Christmas decorations to deck your halls. You'll see seasonal items marked down 50% to 70% after December 25.

Jewelry. You might see some sales on jewelry, but says you won't be getting the best price if you buy at this time of year. If someone on your list really wants new earrings or a necklace, look for department-store coupons that offer savings storewide to help knock the price down on jewelry purchases.

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