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How to Get a Big Return From Spending $1,000

You can do a lot with $1,000. In fact, we came up with 39 surprising ways to use a grand. For example, you can grow your nest egg or build your brand, feather your nest or nurture a relationship, or just invest in yourself. Read on for more ideas.

Grow Your Investments
Consider these funds, stocks and ETFs for your portfolio.And open a Roth IRA, if you don't already have one.

Be a Philanthropist
Here's how you can start your own charitable fund, give to a classroom, volunteer on vacation and invest in a new company.

Spiff Up Your Home
With a grand, you can convert a fireplace to gas, add a backsplash with pizazz, install a putting green or buy a fire-resistant home safe.


Buy or Sell Smart
If you're buying a home, prepay interest on a mortgage to bring down the rate. If you're selling, enlist the help of a home stager.

Invest in Your Love Life
Splurge on a night at a great hotel, take a couple's cruise or nurture your marriage with therapy sessions.

Advance Your Career
Polish your professional image, take technology classes or prepare for a post-retirement career.

Invest in Yourself
Buy a bicycle and bike to work, self-publish a book, hire a personal trainer or learn a new language.

Improve Your Finances
You can't go wrong by paying down debt, building an emergency fund or hiring a lawyer to draft a comprehensive will for you.

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