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Wealth Management

Map: Where Millionaires Live in America

We plotted the 50 cities with the highest number and concentration of millionaires. Some might surprise you.

We tend to think of millionaires as rare and elusive, of Daddy Warbucks or “Who Wants to Be…?” fame. But according to a new report by Phoenix Marketing International, a firm that tracks wealthy households, there are 5.94 million millionaire households in the U.S. -- roughly five of every 100.

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The report ranked 942 towns and cities by both their number and concentration of millionaires, with occasionally surprising results. We mapped the top 50 cities on the maps below. Hovering over a dot brings up the city and the number or concentration of millionaires who live there. Zooming in and out will reveal more dots, especially in crowded areas. How many millionaires live near you?