Ten College Towns for Grownups

Remember all those things you wish you enjoyed more in college -- such as learning and personal growth? Well, many people find that retiring to a college town lets them enjoy those things, and more. The best college towns for retirees have great health care, a reasonable cost of living, surroundings with natural beauty and a rich cultural scene.

And, of course, learning. The college towns we picked have all the things mentioned above, plus universities that reach out to older students with special programs and tuition breaks. In addition, many of these towns have Lifelong Learning Institutes, which also offer classes in continuing education. These classes run the gamut from art and literature to science, and they are taught by either active or retired faculty, or by people knowledgeable in a field.

The final ingredient we looked for is that elusive quality called vibe. A great college town for retirees has a vibe that mixes the arts and the outdoors with intellectual curiosity -- and that transcends age.

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Ten College Towns
for Grownups

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