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Best of the Big Fund Families

Many investors might look to a single fund family to populate their portfolio, either out of compulsion -- if, for example, their 401(k) plan offers only funds from one brand -- or convenience.

So, we surveyed hundreds of funds offered by Fidelity, Pimco, T. Rowe Price and Vanguard, prominent purveyors of no-load mutual funds. In picking our favorites, we considered management approach, past performance, volatility and more. In the process, we also learned something about what each firm does best.

Fidelity: Where Stars Shine Bright

We review ten leaders and laggards from the shop's hundreds of funds.

Vanguard: Low-Fee Champion

Of course, the index funds of this venerated family are legendary. But here are our favorite actively-managed picks.

T. Rowe Price: Consistently Good

Consistency and a focus on the long haul are hallmarks of this 76-year-old firm..

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