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Insurance Against Air-Travel Snafus

Kathryn Moody

New insurance will reimburse you for annoying inconveniences.

Who doesn’t have a complaint about flight delays, lost luggage or getting trapped on the tarmac? Now there’s insurance against these annoyances. Pay a flat fee of $25 for Berkshire Hathaway’s AirCare policy, and instead of getting a headache, you’ll get paid -- as much as $1,000 in some cases.

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The company tracks your flight through a real-time monitoring system and instantly wires money to your bank account if your flight triggers a claim. Missing a connection because of a flight delay will net you $500; waiting longer than 12 hours for checked luggage, $500; sitting on the tarmac for longer than two hours, $1,000; and lost luggage, $1,000. Luggage claims require a photo of a baggage claim ticket. Otherwise, payouts are instant and cumulative. A long tarmac delay that leads to a missed connection? That’s $1,500.

Some credit cards provide limited travel insurance at no cost. And AirCare doesn’t cover cancellations or medical emergencies, so it won’t replace standard travel insurance.

Before you buy: A recent monthly tally by the Department of Transportation shows that tarmac delays of more than two hours occurred in fewer than 1% of flights; 80% of flights took off on time.

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