Health Care & Insurance

2009 Best List: Insurance

Best Insurance Sites

You Need: Health-Insurance Quotes
Why we Like it: You’ll find quotes for most major health insurers, plus a way to compare coverage. Also, find plans that include your doctor.

You Need: Health-Coverage Information
Why we Like it: Offers strategies and resources to help low-income people and those with medical conditions find health insurance.

You Need: Life-Insurance Quotes
Where to Find it: ACCUQUOTE.COM
Why we Like it: A quick way to get term-insurance rates from many top firms. Call 800-442-9899 for personalized help.

You Need: Medicare Part D
Where to Find it: MEDICARE.GOV/mpdpf
Why we Like it: The best tool for comparing Medicare Part D prescription-drug policies. You’ll see premiums and co-pays for Part D plans.


You Need: Medicare Advantage
Why we Like it: The Costshare Report analyzes the best in Medicare Advantage plans in your area for three different health categories.

You Need: Auto Insurance
Where to Find it: INSWEB.COM
Why we Like it: Provides price quotes from several major insurers and makes it easy to see how much you’d save by changing your coverage.

Best Annuity Source

Find info on lifetime income. To provide income for life, more retirees are buying annuities. ANNUITYSHOPPER.COM lists quotes for most of the top com­panies and shows how much you’d need to invest for a given stream of monthly income. You can also see how payouts compare for annuities that last for your lifetime only, your lifetime and that of a spouse, or for a certain number of years.

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