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It seems several personal finance writers have been looking out for credit cardholders this week. Two posts, in particular, stand out. WalletPop highlights 7 sneaky credit-card fees you may not have noticed if you haven't looked carefully at your statement lately. Money Under 30 explains why you shouldn't fall for credit-card signup bonuses without doing your research first.

Here are more personal finance tips and insights from across the Web:

Investing in Stocks: It’s Not as Bad as You Think [Get Rich Slowly]
If you’ve decided to make stocks a part of your long-term portfolio, I think that understanding the role dividend reinvestment plays will give you a little more confidence to hang in there.

Home Loan Documentation Checklist [Money Smart Life]
Whether you’re applying for a home loan or looking at mortgage refinancing you’ll have to fill out a lot of paperwork and provide documentation of your income and assets before the bank will process the loan.


Best Banking Promotions for the Month of July [Money Crashers]
Several banks are offering customers a chance to earn free cash.

The Cheapest Days to Shop Online []
Dress pants are cheaper on Mondays. You can get better deals on kids' clothing on Wednesdays. Find out on which days other items are discounted most.

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