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Mini Review: 2009 BMW 335d

Jessica L. Anderson

Drive Time writer Jessica Anderson TKTKTKTKTKTK

2009 BMW 335d

Sticker price: $44,725
Dealer price: $41,215
Base-model price: $34,425 (328i)
Horsepower: 265
MPG (city/hwy): 23/36
3-year resale: 50%
5-year resale: 36%
Cargo space (cubic feet): 12

Highs: The diesel engine offers serious torque (425 lb-feet) and sends you screeching off the line. Diesel also means better mileage. BMW’s signature driving dynamics make the driver feel connected to the road. A $900 tax credit from Uncle Sam helps offset the premium you’ll pay over the gas-engine 3-series.

Lows: If you’re buying diesel to go green, it’s not the greenest (I averaged 27 mph in mixed city and highway driving). Options are pricey—an iPod connection is $400 extra. Navigation is difficult to use.

Impressions: Driving the 335d is a joy, but the price may give you pause. While the 335d is just $1,700 more than the gasoline engine 335i,options are seriously pricey. My tester’s final price was $52,820, with options like USB iPod, navigation ($2,100), cold weather package ($1,150) and parking distance control ($700).


Bottom line: A reasonable starting price for a greener version of a premium performer, but don’t get carried away with the add-ons.


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