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Car Review: Infiniti G37

The affordable BMW fighter

Sticker price: $35,215
Dealer cost: $32,441
Horsepower: 330
MPG: 18 city, 24 highway
3-yr resale value: 62%
5-yr resale value: 52%
Cargo space: 7.4 cu. ft.

Highs: High resale value; top-notch ride and handling
Lows: Tiny trunk; no options available on base model

The second act of the Infiniti G series makeover -- following last year’s redesign of the G35 sedan -- is the 2008 G37. The new G coupe adds seductive sizzle to the more-sedate sedan.

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The second-gen G coupe improves upon the old model by upping the engine from a 3.5-liter to a 3.7-liter -- thus the new nomenclature -- with 330 horses versus the old 275 (with automatic transmission).

Design-wise, the G37 isn't just a look-alike sibling with two fewer doors. It has its own identity -- it's longer, lower and more sculpted than the G35.


An affordable Bimmer fighter

But comparisons for an entry-luxury sport sedan inevitably turn to the benchmark BMW 3 series. Starting at $35,215, the G37 is priced just under the BMW 328i Coupe ($36,075) -- which was new for 2007. But the G coupe has the edge on the 3 series in a few other key areas.

First, the G37's 330 horsepower is a lot more than the 328i's 230 hp. To get even close, you have to upgrade to the 335i Coupe (300 hp), for another $5,500. Inside, form and function marry well on the G37 -- exquisite materials and colors create a sporty, stylish look -- but the 3 series interior shouts utility.

The G coupe also bests the Bimmer in resale value and repair costs. One more upside to the G is the navigation package. The Infiniti system ($2,200) is hard-drive based, offers over 9 GB of music storage, and has a touch screen—which makes finding your way that much easier. BMW’s $2,100 iDrive system is DVD-based, and not nearly as user-friendly.

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